AirPura V600W (V700W) VOC Removal Whole House Air Purifier

AirPura V600W (V700W) is a whole house version of AirPura V600 VOC removal air purifier. AirPura V600W provides a continuous abatement of VOCs and Specific Chemicals in a whole house up to 2000 sq. ft.

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AirPura V600W (V700W) is a whole house version of AirPura V600 VOC removal air purifier. AirPura V600W equipped with True HEPA filter and large VOC canister with specialty adsorbent provides a continuous air purification from VOCs, specific chemicals, allergens and dust in the whole house through the air duct of a house's central ventilation and air conditioning system HVAC.

AirPura V600W Main Purpose

AirPura V600W VOC removal whole house air purifier employs similar size and efficiency True HEPA filter and large VOC canister as the AirPura V600 portable unit, and has the same purpose - effective removal of VOCs, specific chemicals, allergens, lung damaging dust and airborne pathogens. However, unlike portable air purifiers, the AirPura V600W purifies the air in the whole house cleaning the air circulating through the air duct of a home ventilation and air conditioning system - HVAC.

AirPura V600W Typical Applications

Whole House or Office Air Purification.

AirPura V600W whole house air purifier is essential air cleaning device for trapping allergens and dust along with effective removal of VOCs and toxic chemicals released by new furniture, new carpeting, fresh paints and present in varnish vapors, oil paints, off-gassing from office machines, pesticides, household cleansers, tobacco smoke, perfumes, wildfire smoke, VOG, etc.

Negative and Positive Pressure Rooms

AirPura V600W fitted with polluted air intake and clean air outlet hose attachments is perfectly suited for a quick set up of negative and positive pressure rooms for various hospital, medical, commercial and workshop applications, including isolation or infection wards, paint booths, etc.

Extraction of Dust and Toxic Fumes at a Source.

The AirPura V600W air purifier intake can be connected to the exhaust vent of various office, commercial and workshop equipment to extract toxic chemicals and fumes produces by different processes right at their source. That includes:

  • Print shops
  • 3D printing shops
  • Laser Engraving shops
  • Artist studios
  • Soldering stations
  • Beauty salons
  • Lasik cabinets
  • Food processing stations
  • etc.

AirPura V600W Air Filtration System Comprises:

  • Large Filter Canister with VOC Adsorbent
    The AirPura V600W filter canister contains a massive amount (18 lbs.) of specialty VOC adsorbent. The specialty adsorbent represents a blend of coconut shell activated granulated carbon with special additives (potassium iodide) that provides effective and speedy abatement of VOCs and most specific chemical substances such as: ammonia, formaldehyde, PCBs, methane, ethylene, toluene, xylene, benzene, ethylbenzene, isoprene, terpens and other chemicals produced in result of combustion of organic materials, released by consumer products or manufacturing and agricultural activities.

  • Long-lasting True HEPA Filter
    The AirPura V600W 2-inch deep True HEPA filter contains 40 sq. ft. of 99.97% efficiency True HEPA media that traps all sub-micron airborne contaminants down to 0.3 micron in size and provides a superior level of protection from lung damaging dust, allergens, airborne pathogens, including, but not limited to: mold spores, microbes, viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi, plant spores, pollen, house dust mites, dust mite debris, asbestos dust, ground talc, pet dander, bird feather dust, sub-micron particles in tobacco smoke, wildfire smoke, smoke from wood burning stove.

  • Standard Polyester Pre-filter
    The non woven standard Polyester pre-filter effectively traps nearly all larger visible dust and dirt particles and plays an important role of protecting fine True HEPA filter from faster contamination and helping extend its lifetime.
    The pre-filter can be easily removed and vacuumed using a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush. The pre-filter has to be replaced with new one when it gets very dirty or ruined (usually every 9 to 12 month on average).

  • Unbleached Pesticide-Free Cotton Pre-Filter (optional)
    The optional unbleached pesticide-free cotton pre-filter is available instead of a standard polyester pre-filter for the concerned air purifier users at extra cost.

AirPura V600W Motor Fan Power Unit.

AirPura V600W air purifier is powered by the same standard throughout the entire AirPura lineup of products powerful, energy efficient and quiet single-piece Motor/Fan unit. It is rated at 560 CFM of air flow (open air and makes the AirPura V600W powerful enough for purifying homes up to 2000 sq ft.
The variable speed control allows to easily select the most suitable air flow out of the wide range of available speed settings between Low and High.
The single-piece Motor with backward impeller fan is factory balanced to minimize the associated vibration and noise.
The compact design of a motor / fan unit allows to place it in the separate compartment along with the electric wiring. Such design helps isolate it from the already filtered air and eliminate the possibility of re-contamination by even slightest off-gassing.

AirPura V700W Upgrade

Upgrade to AirPura V700W equipped with 15% More Powerful and Twice as Quiet 700 Series EC (Electronically Controlled) Motor/Fan.
The AirPura V700W upgrade offers the following advantages:

Air Flow Rating (CFM) (open air)
Maximum Cleaning Area, sq. ft.
Level of Noise, dB (on Low @ 6 ft.)

To order the Airpura V700W model select the 700 Upgrade option in the "Power Unit" pull down menu.
Important Notice! All other AirPura V600W features, available options and replacement filters remain the same and are not affected by this upgrade.

Power Supply Options

The AirPura V600W air purifier is available with standard motor and power cord for 110-120V, 60Hz North American electric power supply standard for Canada, USA, Mexico.
The optional electric motor and power cord for 220-230V, 50Hz is also available for overseas customers at Extra cost.

AirPura V600W Durable All Metal Housing

AirPura V600W air purifier features the same durable, impact resistant and fully enclosed the all metal body with appliance quality baked-on powder coating.
The baked-on powder coat available in a single Black color resists scratching, scuffing and stain and will retain its original appearance for many years to come.
The non off-gassing powder coat contributes to the chemically inert concept of AirPura products.
To ensure simple and easy connection to the air duct or the exhaust vent of special equipment, the AirPura V600W has standard 5-inch diameter hose attachments for both - Polluted air intake (top plate of the unit) and Clean air outlet (bottom section on its side).
The bottom plate with four swivel wheel casters is available Free of Charge to provide a required mobility to AirPura V600W, if necessary.

AirPura V600W Manufacturer's Warranty

AirPura V600W air purifier is covered by a comprehensive limited manufacturer's warranty.
The warranty includes:

  • 5-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor.
  • Additional 5-Year warranty on Labor only.

The Total duration of the Limited Manufacturer's Warranty of 10 Years promotes the worry-free ownership the AirPura air purifiers and gives their owners a peace of mind.

AirPura V600W Air Purifier What's Included

AirPura V600 air purifier is shipped from the factory in a single durable certified cardboard box:

  • The unit is Brand New and Fully assembled
  • The whole set of filters is installed (per model specification).
  • Ready-to-use.

Installation Requirements

To integrate the AirPura V600W whole house air purifier, its polluted air intake and clean air output have to be connected as a by-pass to the return section of HVAC air duct using the 5" diameter flexible or rigid hose. For best result, the minimal distance between the air duct connections should be not lesser that 6 feet.
The AirPura V600W whole house air purifier can be Free Standing on the floor or installed on the wall using the optional Wall Mount brackets.
There are two types of metal Wall mount brackets available:

AirPura Horizontal Wall Mount Brackets
AirPura Vertical Wall Mount Brackets

The type of installation (horizontal or vertical) doesn't affect the air purifier operation and performance. Therefore, the type of wall brackets used to mount the air purifier on the wall depends on the available room near the HVAC (furnace), the air duct configuration or the User's preference.
The metal wall brackets are optional accessory, that can be purchased separately.

Shipping Terms and Conditions

AirPura V600W whole house air purifiers are shipped Free of Charge by FedEx Ground delivery service in Canada and in the Continental USA.
Other faster delivery services are also available at a cost and will be displayed in the shopping cart.
There are No additional charges or Extra fees related to the border crossing shipment (if involved) for all Canadian and US customers.
AirPura air purifiers are shipped in certified durable triple-wall corrugated cardboard boxes with sufficient cushioning to ensure protection from possible damages in transit under most circumstances.
in the unlikely event of a damage in transit, you need to the following:

  • Report the damage to the driver of a carrier company.
  • Take pictures of the damaged packaging and the content (if any).
  • Contact our company's customer service department to report the damage.

The unit which is found to be Damaged or Defective upon arrival and properly reported to our company's Customer Service department, will be promptly replaced with new one Free of Charge.

AirPura V600W Replacement Filters

PurposeVolatile Organic Compounds VOCs
Air Purifier TypeCentral / Whole House
Series600 Series
Height23' (58.5 cm)
Diameter15 (38 cm) Diam.
Weight47 lbs. (21.5 kg)
Remote ControlNO
Filter Change MonitorNO
Particle SensorNO
Chemical / Odor SensorNO
Photocatalytic OxidationNO
CompositionAll Metal
Touch Pad ControlsNO
LED / LCD DisplayNO
Speed ControlVariable
Number of Speed SettingsMutiple
Automatic Operating ModeNO
Turn Off TimerNO
Air Flow Rating, CFM560
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), CFM450
Maximum Cleaning Area w/ 8 ft. ceiling2000
Recommended Cleaning Area w/ 8 ft. ceiling1000
Level of Noise, dB28.1 - 62.3
HEPA Filter TypeTrue HEPA w/ Metal Caps
HEPA Filter GradeTrue HEPA 99.97% @ 0.3 ยต
Amount of HEPA Filter Media, sq. ft.40
HEPA Filter Lifetime2-5 years
Type of AdsorbentVOC Adsorbent
Amount of Adsorbent18 lb. *.17 kg.)
Carbon Filter Lifetime1-3 Years
Ultraviolet (UV) BulbGermicidal UV Bulb Optional
Pre-FilterPolyester Based
Air Intake5" Diam
Air Outlet5" Diam
Wheel CastersOptional
Energy Star RatedNO
Power Supply110-120V/60Hz (North Amercia)
Power Consumption, WattsLow 40, High 120
Power CordThree Prong with Ground Pin
Wall Mounted OptionYES (Requires Optional Brackets)
Manufacturer's Warranty, Years5 Parts / 10 Labor
CertificationConforms to ANSI and UL 507; CSA C22.2 #113

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