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Air Purifier Specialty. Narrow down a selection of Air purifiers designed for Specific air cleaning applications.

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  • Healthcare

    Healthcare Air Purifiers. The Healthcare air purifiers feature the specific air purifier properties to meet the requirements of Healthcare providers for wide range of Healthcare applications.  

  • Printshop

    Printshop Air Purifiers. The Printshop air purifiers specifically designed to help maintain the workplace's safe and healthy environment in printshops.

  • Laser Engraving

    Laser Engraving Air Purifiers. The Laser Engraving air purifiers are specialty air purifiers designed for effective removal of toxic fumes and gases produced by the laser engraving machines.

  • Fire Restoration

    Fire Restoration Air Purifiers. The Fire restoration air purifiers help significantly improve the air quality conditions during the fire restoration process.

  • Asbestos Mold Remediation

    Asbestos, Mold Remediation Air Purifiers. The asbestos and mold remediation air purifiers effectively remove fine asbestos dust and mold spores and help keep safe working conditions at the asbestos and mold remediation job sites.

  • Renovation

    Renovation Air Purifiers. The renovation air purifiers help reduce dust, the chemical off-gassing and create safe working conditions during the renovation process.

  • Cannabis / Marijuana Dispensary

    Cannabis / Marijuana Dispensary Air Purifiers. The Cannabis / marijuana dispensary air purifiers are essential for maintaining health and safe working environment in cannabis / marijuana dispensaries.

  • Hair and Nail Salon

    Hair and Nail Salon Air Purifiers. The Hair and Nail salon air purifiers focus on effective removal of heavy fumes and chemicals released by Hair product, Nail Polish, nail polish remover to maintain clean and safe working environment in Hair and Nail salons.

  • Art Studios

    Art Studios Air Purifiers. The air purifiers for Art Studios help remove paint vapors, oil and solvent fumes to maintain clean and healthy working environment in art studios.

  • Smoking room

    Smoking Room Air Purifiers. The Smoking room air purifiers excel in effective removal of heavy cigarette smoke in smoking rooms.

  • Fitness Centers

    Fitness Centers Air Purifiers. The Fitness Centers air purifiers help maintain the fitness area free of body odors and chemical off gassing.

  • Laser Skin Care

    Laser Skin Care Air Purifiers. The Air purifiers for effective removal of Chemicals and Solid Airborne Contaminants associated with the Laser Skin Care procedures.

  • RVs / Motorhome

    RVs / Motorhome Air Purifiers. The RVs / Motorhome air purifiers effectively remove unwanted air pollutants and off-gassing and help improve the air quality in RVs, motorhomes, mobile homes and boats.

  • Container Cleaning

    Container Cleaning Air Purifiers. The Air purifiers for container cleaning services.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items