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Dangers of Volcanic Smog (VOG)

Volcanic Smog (VOG) is a complex mixture of gases with aerosols (tiny particles and droplets) formed when volcanic gases, such as:

  • sulfur dioxide SO2
  • carbon dioxide CO2
  • hydrogen fluoride HF
  • hydrochloric acid HCl
  • hydrogen sulfide H2S

reacts with atmospheric moisture, oxygen and sunlight.
According to recent studies, this unique mixture of gases and aerosols makes VOG potentially more harmful than either gases or particles alone.

VOG poses a serious health hazard to public. Most of the aerosols in VOG are acidic in nature and of a size, that is readily retained by the lungs. Studies done in urban areas having similar pollutants, show that these types of aerosols degrade lung function.

Exposure to VOG is associated with physical complaints including:

  • Headaches
  • Watery eyes
  • Sore throat
  • Breathing difficulties, shortness of breath
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Lack of energy
  • fatigue, etc.

Sulfur dioxide gas (SO2) in VOG can cause eyes, skin and lungs irritation. It can compromise human's immune system and cause even more serious health problems, such as:

  • Asthma
  • Lung cancer
  • Bronchitis
  • COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Emphysema

Lungs can be permanently damaged after a long exposure to VOG. These effects are especially pronounced in children, individuals who have chronic asthma or other respiratory impairments, or those with preexisting respiratory ailments.

Removal of Dust and Fine Ash in VOG

True HEPA filter can trap over 99.97% of all solid sub-micron airborne particulates - fine ash in the volcanic smoke as small as 0.3 micron in size.
Therefore, to provide an effective protection of humans and animals from volcanic smoke, it is essential that the air filtration system of air purifiers for Volcanic smog contains large, perfectly sealed True HEPA filter.
The higher efficiency particle filters such as, 99.99% efficiency Super HEPA or 99.999% efficiency ULPA filters have even higher rate of removal of sub-micron particles. However, the use of a tighter particle filters may result in a reduced air flow due to a higher back pressure from a more dense filter media and lower overall performance.

The following air purifiers: AirPura I600 and Amaircare 3000 employ oversize True HEPA filters, each containing a whopping 100 sq. ft. of medical grade True HEPA filter media, and therefore are out top pick air purifiers for effective removal of fine ash and dust particles in VOG.

Removal of Chemicals in VOG

Large amount of activated carbon adsorbent is absolutely critical for effective removal of most regular chemicals in the air.
Unfortunately the adsorption capacity of regular activated carbon is relatively low for Sulfur dioxide (SO2), Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Carbon monoxide (CO) - the main gases in VOG.
Therefore, the effective removal of these chemicals out of the air requires large amount of Specially enhanced adsorbent or advanced air purification technologies, such as Photocatalytic Oxidation Process.

The air purifiers: AirPura C600DLX and Amaircare 3000 with ULTRA VOC canister employ oversize carbon filter canisters with huge amount (26 lbs. and 30 lbs. respectively) of specialty adsorbent.
No surprise that these two models make a top pick air purifiers for effective removal of chemicals in VOG.

The advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation air purification technology implemented in AirPura P600 and AirPura P600 Plus models help significantly boost the air purification performance in removal of toxic chemicals and gases in VOG.  

Rate of Dust and Chemical Removal in VOG

The Air Flow Rating in CFM (cubic foot per minute) of the air purifier clean air delivery system is another factor of major importance. It directly affects the number of air changes per hour (ACH) indicating how many times per hour the air purifier can draw the entire volume of polluted air in the room through its air filtration system.
The higher air flow rating results in the faster rate of removal of dust particles and chemicals in the air and affects the size of a maximum cleaning area.

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Recommended Air Purifiers for Volcanic Smog - VOG

Home and Office Use under 300 sq. ft.

Home and Office Use under 700 sq. ft.

Home and Office Use under 2000 sq. ft.

* Optional VOC or ULTRA VOC Canister

Air Purifier ModelHEPA Filter, sq. ft.Carbon Filter, lbs.Air Flow Rate, cfm
Airpura V6004018 lbs. VOC560
Amaircare 30001006.5 lbs. / 30 lbs. Canister*450
Airpura C600DLXHEPA-Barrier26 lbs. VOC560
Austin HealthMate Plus6016 lbs. VOC400

* Optional VOC or ULTRA VOC Canister

Commercial and Business Use over 3000 sq. ft.

Air Purifier ModelHEPA Filter, sq. ft.Carbon Filter, lbs.Air Flow Rate, cfm
Amaircare AirWash MultiPro BOSS 100 x 26.5 lbs / 30 lbs. Canister x 2*2500
Amaircare 7500 Cart
100 x 26.5 lbs / 30 lbs. Canister x 2*1400
Amaircare 6000V Cart1006.5 lbs / 30 lbs. Canister*800
Amaircare AirWash MultiPro805 lbs. / 25 lbs. Canister*1300

* Optional VOC or ULTRA VOC Canister

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