Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) PCI Air Purifier / Humidifier / Sterilizer

KC-860U, KC860U

Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) PCI air purifier combines Sharp air treatment technologies which enable Sharp KC-860U effectively purify, humidify and sterilize the air in very large rooms quietly, fully automatically at a minimal cost.

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Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) PCI air purifier combines Sharp KC-860U True HEPA and Carbon filters with Sharp Patented Plasmacluster Ion technology and a Sharp KC-860U exclusive humidifying section. Such a unique combination of air treatment technologies enables Sharp KC-860U to clean, sterilize and humidify the air in a very large room quietly, fully automatically and at a minimal operating cost.

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers / Humidifiers / Sterilizer

Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) Highlights

Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) Plasmacluster Ion TechnologySharp KC-860U (KC860U) PCI Plasmacluster® Ion technology replicates Nature's own air cleaning process to clean, sterilize and freshen the air.
Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) Humidifying SectionThe Sharp KC-860U Built-in humidifying section helps maintain comfortable humidity level to bring soothing relief from dry air and reduce static electricity.
Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) True HEPA FiltrationSharp KC-860U True HEPA filter is nearly 100% effective in removing from the air all common household air pollutants: dust, mold spores, pet dander, smoke.
Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) Intelligent ControlsThe Sharp KC-860U temperature, dust and humidity sensors help maintain comfortable air quality and humidity levels in the room fully automatically.
Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) LibraryQuiet OperationSharp KC-860U Library Quiet™ operation ensures that KC-860U works continuously on purifying the air you breathe without disturbing a peaceful night's sleep.
Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) EnergyStar Rated Air PurifierSharp KC-860U ENERGY STAR® rated air purifier effectively maintains the maximum comfort in the room while drawing a minimal energy and saving money.

Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) Key Features

  • Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) features the 3-Stage True HEPA and Carbon Air Filtration system.
  • Sharp KC860U is equipped with latest version of Sharp Patented Plasmacluster Ion generator.
  • Sharp KC-860U employs a Built-in Humidifying Section.
  • Sharp KC860U is recommended for very large rooms up 341 sq. ft.
  • Sharp KC-860U features a 3-Speed Manual or Automatic Fan Control.
  • Sharp KC860U whispers in operation and qualifies for a LibraryQuiet™ air purifier.
  • Sharp KC-860U is the ENERGY STAR® Certified air purifier.
  • Sharp KC-860U employs the intelligent automatic controls for maximum operating comfort.
  • Sharp KC-860U comes Fully Assembled, with All Filters Installed and Ready-to-Use.

Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) Air Purifier Section

Sharp KC860U PCI air purifier / humidifier comes with All Filters Installed and Ready-to-Use.
The Sharp KC-860U air filtration system contains pre-filter, True HEPA filter and Carbon filter.
The back panel integrated polyester mesh washable pre-filter traps large dust and dirt particles.
The pre-filter protects fine True HEPA filter from getting clogged by lint, hair and helps extend the HEPA filter's lifetime.
Sharp KC-860U True HEPA filter traps over 99.97% of allergens, dust, mold spores, pathogens, smoke particles down to 0.3 micron.
Separate activated carbon filter adequately adsorbs household chemicals, odors and cigarette smoke.
Sharp's Patented Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) technology effectively deactivates viruses, microbes, germs, bacteria.
Plasmacluster Ion generator releases the shower of negative and positive ions that help eliminate bad odors.
The Sharp KC-860U three speed fan control with Low / Med / Max  + Pollen settings offers for a variable air cleaning performance.
Sharp KC-860U is equipped with the particle, odor and humidity sensors enabling a fully automatic operating mode.
In the auto mode Sharp KC860U adjusts the operating speed according to the levels of particulates in the air and concentration of chemicals.
The Sharp KC-860U operating modes include Clean Air, Clean Air & Humidity and Quick Clean.
The Clean Air mode should be used when additional humidity is not needed.
The Clean Air & Humidity mode allows to maintain the air quality and humidify level simultaneously.
The Quick Clean mode should be used when fast and aggressive air purification is needed.
Sharp's Exclusive Air Flow technology qualifies Sharp KC-860U as a LibraryQuiet™ air purifier.
The Ultra low level of noise of 19 dB (on Low setting) ensures that KC-860U works continuously on cleaning the air without disturbing a peaceful night's sleep.
It also makes Sharp KC-860U whisper quiet and totally non intrusive for watching TV or for any other activity.
The KC-860U recommended room size is 341 sq. ft. at 6 ACH (air changes per hour).
Sharp KC860U allows for quick and easy access to the filter compartment and ensures a simple filter replacing procedure.

Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) Humidifier Section

Sharp KC860U humidifier section features a fairly large removable water tank with 1.14 Gallon of capacity.
The humidifier section of Sharp KC860U air purifier is activated only when the user fills up the water tank.
The long-lasting humidifying filter puts required amount of moisture into the air.
The humidifying function plays an important role of maintaining the comfortable humidity level to bring soothing relief from dry air and reduce the static electricity.
The Sharp KC-860U automatic mode utilizes the humidity sensor to maintain the optimal air quality and humidity levels.
The see-through bar helps conveniently monitor the water level in the tank without its removal. 

Sharp KC-860U Airborne Pathogen Suppression Performance

Staphylococcus Epidermis89.7%
Serratia Marsescens85.6%
MOLD, FUNGUSPenicillium Citrinum87.7%
Aspergillus Niger85.8%
VIRUSMS2 Viral Stimulant90.3%

* The Pathogen Redaction rates are achieved in closed laboratory over a period of 4 hours.

Sharp KC-860U Replacement Filters

Sharp KC-860U HEPA Filter
Sharp KC-860U Carbon Filter
Sharp KC-860U Humidifying Filter
PurposeAll Purpose Purification
Air Purifier TypeAir Purifier / Humidifier
Width15.75" (39.8 cm)
Depth11.4" (28.8 cm)
Height24.75 (62.7 cm)
Weight25.8 lb. (11.7kg)
ColorWhite & Grey
Remote ControlNO
Filter Change MonitorYES
Particle SensorYES
Chemical / Odor SensorYES
Photocatalytic OxidationNO
IonizerPlasmacluster Ion Generator
CompositionPlastic / Polymer
Touch Pad ControlsYES
LED / LCD DisplayMulti-Functional
Speed ControlManual / Automatic
Number of Speed Settings3 + Pollen + Auto
Automatic Operating ModeYES
Turn Off TimerNO
Air Flow Rating, CFM272
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), CFMDust - 231 / Pollen - 245 / Smoke -220
Maximum Cleaning Area w/ 8 ft. ceiling1020 sq. ft. @ 2 ACH
Recommended Cleaning Area w/ 8 ft. ceiling341 sq. ft.
Level of Noise, dBLow - 19 / Med - 37 / Max - 54
HEPA Filter GradeTrue HEPA 99.97% @ 0.3 ยต
Amount of HEPA Filter Media, sq. ft.20
HEPA Filter Lifetime2 - 5 Years
Type of Adsorbent100% Carbon
Amount of Adsorbent0.25 lbs.
Carbon Filter Lifetime1 - 2 years
Ultraviolet (UV) BulbNO
Pre-FilterPolyester Based
Air IntakeBack Panel
Air OutletTop Panel
Wheel CastersNO
Energy Star RatedYES
Power Supply120V/60Hz (North Amercia)
Power Consumption, WattsLow - 4.8 / Med - 14 / Max - 47
Power CordThree Prong with Ground Pin
Wall Mounted OptionNO
Manufacturer's Warranty, Years1 Year
CertificationCSA/cUL (US & Canada)

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