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Air Purifiers for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MSC) bring relief to individuals suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity MCS.

Air Purifiers for MCS - Objectives

Air purifiers for MSC - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity should meet two highly challenging objectives.
On one hand, the air purifiers for MCS should be able to remove the wide range of chemicals at a highest possible rate.
On the other hand, the air purifier itself should be as chemically inert as it is possible, meaning that the air purifier filters and components should not release any off-gassing into the air.

The following are the Most important features to pay attention at, while choosing the air purifier for individuals with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

  • Non off-gassing the all metal air purifier housing with appliance finish powder coating.
  • Large amount of Odorless adsorbent in a canister with deep carbon bed (layer).
  • Predominant use of non-off-gassing metal parts and components instead of plastic ones.
  • The use of the Electric motors with minimal or No varnish on the motor windings.
  • The placement of the electric motor and electric components in a separate chamber to isolate them from the filtered air.
  • The non-off gassing metal construction of HEPA and Carbon filters. 
  • The use of unbleached pesticide-free cotton pre filters.
  • Utilization of glueless bonding agents.
  • The use of totally inert felt gaskets instead of the rubber ones.

The air purifiers that meet most of the criteria above have a much higher ability to minimize, or even completely eliminate the exposure of individuals with MCS to harmful chemical off-gassing and therefore, are the best air purifiers for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity symptoms.

Removal of Regular and Specific Chemicals

Large amount of activated carbon adsorbent is absolutely critical for speedy and effective removal of most chemicals out of the air.
Large amount of chemically inert Certified Odorless carbon is the best adsorbent for use in air purifiers for MCS, as it doesn't produce any off-gassing. 
The specialty enhanced adsorbent have a higher adsorption capacity for VOCs (volatile organic compounds), ammonia, formaldehyde and other specific chemicals.
However, the special additives used in the enhanced carbon are known for releasing their own odors and, for that reason, are not recommended for use in air purifiers for Multiple Chemical sensitivity.

Removal of Airborne Particulates

True HEPA filter traps over 99.97% of all solid sub-micron airborne particulates in the air as small as down to 0.3 micron in size.
The higher efficiency particle filters such as, 99.99% efficiency Super HEPA or 99.999% efficiency ULPA filters have even higher rate of removal of sub-micron particles.
However, the higher efficiency particle filters may result in a reduced air flow due to a higher back pressure from a more dense filter media.

Rate of Chemicals Removal

The number of Air Changes per Hour (ACH) indicating how many time the air purifier can draw the entire volume of polluted air through the air filtration system directly affects the rate of removal of air pollutants and the size of a maximum cleaning area, in which the air purifier can effectively maintain chemical-free environment.

For that reason, the air purifiers with higher Air Flow rating CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) capable to provide a higher number of air changes per hour (ACH), are better air purifiers for individuals with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Recommended Air Purifiers for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Home and Office Use under 700 sq. ft.

Home and Office Use under 2000 sq. ft.

AirPura G600DLX
employs 26 lbs. of German Certified Odorless carbon in 3 inch deep metal canister.
AirPura G600 employs 18 lbs. of German Certified Odorless carbon in 2 inch deep metal canister + True HEPA filter.
Amaircare 3000 ET employs 30 lbs. of high quality carbon adsorbent in optional 2.5 inch deep ULTRA VOC metal canister.

Commercial and Business Use over 3000 sq. ft.

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