AirPura F600 Formaldehyde Air Purifier

AirPura F600 contains the AirPura F600 specially formulated adsorbent to help AirPura F600 air purifier achieve a superior Formaldehyde and specific chemical removal rate in large areas under 2000 sq. ft.

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AirPura F600 contains the AirPura F600 specially formulated adsorbent which helps the AirPura F600 air purifier to achieve a superior Formaldehyde and Specific chemical removal rate in newly constructed or renovated homes, office areas, RVs, mobile homes, motor homes, travel trailers and other areas under 2000 sq. ft.

AirPura F600 Highlights

  • The AirPura F600 large amount of special adsorbent guarantees effective removal of formaldehyde and special chemicals.
  • AirPura F600 features the AirPura standard HEPA filter to provide a guaranteed removal of all allergens and dust.
  • The AirPura F600 is powered by the AirPura standard energy efficient, vibration and noise-free quiet motor/fan.
  • Rated at 560 CFM the powerful motor/fan makes AirPura F600 effective for cleaning large areas under 2000 sq. ft.
  • The AirPura F600 variable speed control with multiple speed settings helps find the optimal air flow in all situations.
  • AirPura F600 utilizes non off-gassing the all metal housing with perforated metal grill and a durable appliance finish powder coat.
  • The environment friendly AirPura F600 produces no ozone or any toxic off-gassing and is a chemically inert air purifier.
  • AirPura F600 carries strongest in the industry the 5/10 Year limited manufacturer's warranty.
  • The AirPura F600 purchasers benefit from Free Standard Ground shipping in continental USA and Canada.
  • There are No US Sales Tax, Border fees and other charges on AirPura F600 purchases for all US residents.
  • AirPura F600 ships with a 30-Day Money back Satisfaction Guarantee Return policy (some conditions apply).

AirPura F600 Main Purpose

Aside from guaranteed removal of sub-micron allergens and dust, the ArPura F600 main purpose is to provide enhanced removal of formaldehyde released by or abundantly present in:

  • new carpeting
  • new furniture
  • new flooring
  • fresh paint
  • beauty products
  • office machines
  • chinese drywall
  • exhaust gases from nearby traffic
  • wildfires
  • pesticides

The AirPura F600 typical applications include:

  • Newly constructed and renovated homes
  • Homes with new furniture, new carpeting, new engineered floors
  • Freshly painted homes
  • RVs
  • Mobile Homes, motor homes
  • Travel Trailers
  • Boats
  • Beauty Salons
  • Offices with lots of office machines
  • Areas with frequent wildfires
  • Areas near farmland (pesticides use)

Air Filtration System

True HEPA Filter.

AirPura F600 employs the AirPura standard 2-inch deep HEPA filter containing 40 sq. ft. of certified True HEPA media. Rated at 99.97% @ 0.3 micron air filtration efficiency, True HEPA filter traps nearly 100% of all microscopic airborne contaminants and provides a superior protection from exposure to microscopic dust and allergens, such as:

  • mold spores
  • plant spores
  • pollen
  • house dust mites and debris
  • ground talc
  • asbestos
  • lung damaging dust
  • cat and dog dander
  • bird feather dust
  • particulates in tobacco, wildfire smoke and smoke from wood burning stove
  • microscopic volcanic ash
  • airborne pathogens - microbes, bacteria, germs

Large Carbon Filter Canister.

AirPura F600 features a large separate 2-inch deep filter canister filled with 18 lbs. of specially formulated adsorbent. It contains a mixture of 83% coconut shell granular carbon with 17% of potassium permanganate for enhanced removal of formaldehyde, VOCs and and specific chemicals.

Large Pre-filter.

The AirPurs standard 1 inch thick Polyester Pre-filter is the first stage of the AirPura F600 air filtration system. The polyester pre-filter traps most of larger visible dust, lint, hair and thus provides an effective protection of fine True HEPA filter from fast contamination and extend its lifetime.

Germicidal UV Bulb (optional).

AirPura F600 can be equipped with the optional Germicidal UV Bulb (at Extra Cost) for added superior level of protection from airborne pathogens: microbes, bacteria, viruses, germs, fungi, etc.

AirPura F600 Motor Fan Assembly

The standard Airpura motor / fan rated at 560 CFM of air flow powers the AirPura F600 air purifier.
The one piece Motor/Fan is factory balanced to ensure the vibration and noise-free operation.
The variable speed control helps the AirPura F600 users easily find the optimal speed setting for all air cleaning applications, any household activity or a time of the day.
The compact motor / fan design helps use the internal space more effectively and allows accommodate larger more efficient filters.
The motor and the electric components are isolated from the already filtered air in a separate chamber at a top deck to prevent its possible re-contamination.

Power Supply Options

The AirPura F600 standard model is equipped with 110-120V/60Hz motor and a power cord with North American 3-prong plug with ground pin
AirPura F600 air purifier can be equipped with optional 220-240V, 50Hz electric motor and power cord per customer's specification at Extra cost.

AirPura F600 Housing

As all AirPura 600 series portable models, the AirPura F600 employs durable, non off-gassing the all metal housing design with perforated metal grill.
The appliance quality baked-on powder coating form a durable scratch, scuff and stain resistant coating.
The textured thermoset powder coating has an attractive modern look and will retain its original appearance for many years to come.
It doesn't produce toxic off-gassing and contributes to the chemically inert Airpura design.
The 360° polluted air intake made of perforated metal grill ensures an unobstructed air inflow and improves the air purifier performance.
The 360° Clean air outlet provides an even air clean distribution in the room and improves the air circulation.
Four Wheel Casters on the bottom panel ensure a high level of mobility in the cleaning area or between the rooms.

Manufacturer's Warranty

As most AirPura models, the AirPura F600 comes with the most comprehensive Limited manufacturer's warranty.
The peace of mind Limited Manufacturer's Warranty includes:

  • 5-Years on Parts.
  • 10-Years on Labor.
  • Total duration of Limited Manufacturer's Warranty - 10 Years.

AirPura F600 Replacement Filters

AirPura F600 Formaldehyde Air Purifier for whole house

Air Purifier TypePortable
Height23' (58.5 cm)
Diameter15" (38 cm)
Weight47 lbs. (21.5 kg)
ColorBeige, Black, White
Remote ControlNO
Filter Change MonitorNO
Particle SensorNO
Chemical / Odor SensorNO
Photocatalytic OxidationNO
CompositionAll Metal
Touch Pad ControlsNO
LED / LCD DisplayNO
Speed ControlVariable
Number of Speed SettingsMutiple
Automatic Operating ModeNO
Turn Off TimerNO
Air Flow Rating, CFM560
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), CFM450
Maximum Cleaning Area w/ 8 ft. ceiling2000
Recommended Cleaning Area w/ 8 ft. ceiling1000
Level of Noise, dB28.1 - 62.3 @ 6 ft.
HEPA Filter TypeTrue HEPA w/ Metal Caps
HEPA Fiilter GradeTrue HEPA 99.97% @ 0.3 µ
Amount of HEPA Filter Media, sq. ft.40
HEPA Filter Lifetime3-5 Years
Type of AdsorbentFormaldehyde Adsorbent
Amount of Adsorbent18 lb. (8.17 kg.)
Carbon Filter Lifetime1-3 years
Ultraviolet (UV) BulbGermicidal UV Bulb Optional
Pre-FilterPolyester Based
Air Intake360°
Air Outlet360°
Wheel CastersYES
Energy Star RatedNO
Power Supply120V/60Hz (220V-240V/50Hz Optional)
Power Consumption, WattsLow 40, High 120
Power CordThree Prong with Ground Pin
Wall Mounted OptionYES (Requires Optional Brackets)
Manufacturer's Warranty, Years5 Parts / 10 Labor
CertificationConforms to ANSI and UL 507; CSA C22.2 #113

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