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Amaircare 10000 TriHEPA Molded HEPA Filter Set of 3


Amaircare 10000 TriHEPA Molded HEPA Filter contains a set of Three Amaircare Molded True HEPA Filters for Amaircare 10000 TriHEPA whole house air purifier.

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Amaircare 10000 TriHEPA Molded filter is a set of three Amaircare replacement Molded HEPA filters.
Amaircare 10000 TriHEPA Molded filter fits older version of Amaircare 10000 TriHEPA whole house air purifier.
Each Amaircare 10000 TriHEPA filter contains 100 sq. ft. of certified 99.97% efficiency True HEPA filter media.
Amaircare 10000 TriHEPA Molded filter's lifetime: 3 to 5+ years.

Important Notice!
Amaircare 10000 TriHEPA Molded filter fits Amaircare 10000 air purifier with Molded HEPA filters manufactured Before January 2015.
For Amarcare 10000 TriHEPA air purifiers with Easy-Twist HEPA filters manufactured After January 2015 use Amaircare 10000 Easy-Twist HEPA filter

Amaircare Part Numbers:

Current: 90-A-16NA-MO-3
Retired: 90005406; 90015406.

Air Purifier TypeMolded Filter / Set of 3
Height16 3/8" (41.8 cm)
DiameterOuter 13 1/8" (33.5 cm) / Inner 8 1/2" (22 cm)
Weight4.85 lbs. (2.2 kg) each
ColorWhite / Black
HEPA Filter TypeMolded True HEPA
HEPA Filter GradeTrue HEPA 99.97% @ 0.3 ยต
Amount of HEPA Filter Media, sq. ft.100 x 3
HEPA Filter Lifetime3-5 Years

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