AirPura F600DLX Filter Bundles

AirPura F600DLX Filter Bundles. Buy AirPura F600DLX Filter Bundles and Save up to 10% on the prices for individual AirPura F600DLX replacement filters.

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AirPura F600DLX Filter Bundles fit AirPura F600DLX portable air purifier.
The F600DLX filter bundles include the combinations of replacement filters:

  • 3-inch deep Carbon Canister with 26 lbs. of Formaldehyde adsorbent - qty. 1
  • HEPA-Barrier Filter on the Frame or Filter Cloth only - qty. 1
  • Standard Prefilter (pack of 2) - qty. 1

You Save up to 10% on AirPura F600DLX Filter bundles compared to the prices for individual AirPura F600DLX replacement filters.
Select the AirPura F600DLX filter bundle you need from the "Select Filter Bundle" pull-down menu to add it to the cart.

Height13.2" (33.5 cm)
DiameterCarbon (13.2" / 9.45"), HEPA (9.25" / 7.29")
WeightCarbon 27 lbs., HEPA-Barrier 1.5 lbs.
CompositionMetal Casing
HEPA Filter TypeHEPA-Barrier
HEPA Filter GradeHEPA-Type 98% @ 1 ยต
Amount of HEPA Filter Media, sq. ft.270 sq. in.
HEPA Filter Lifetime1+ Year
Type of AdsorbentFormaldehyde Adsorbent
Amount of Adsorbent26 lbs.
Carbon Filter Lifetime1-2+ Years
Pre-FilterPolyester Based

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