Amaircare AirWash MultiPro Heavy Duty Contractors Air Purifier

Amaircare AirWash MultiPro (AirWash Multi Pro) rugged Amaircare air purifier with AirWash MultiPro customizable filters and Amaircare powerful motor focuses on Heavy duty particulate removal and VOC abatement needs of renovation, restoration and remediation contractors.

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Amaircare AirWash MultiPro (AirWash Multi Pro) air purifier features the AirWash MultiPro Patented rugged stackable design, the Amaircare customizable filter options and a powerful motor. Amaircare AirWash MultiPro offers affordable powerful air quality solutions for Renovation, Remodeling, Restoration and Remediation contractors on the go. Designed from the ground up with contractors' needs in mind Amaircare AirWash MultiPro is every contractor's a must-have air purifier.

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Amaircare AirWash MultiPro Features and Benefits.

Patented Modular Design.

Amaircare AirWash MultiPro Patented modular design with Quick Release latches allows toolless access for speedy on-site filter replacements, cleaning and change part maintenance.

Multiple Functionality

The AirWash MultiPro available filter options allows to setup multiple configurations of the AirWash MultiPro 5-stage air filtration system for diverse air cleaning applications - removal of Particulates, VOCs, Heavy VOCs or combination of both.

Rugged Durable Housing.

The AirWash MultiPro rugged UL 94 compliant Flame retardant Rotomold plastic housing is impact and dent proof, and ensures trouble-free operation in most challenging conditions for many years.

Lightweight Durable Construction.

Lightweight AirWash MultiPro with standard Contoured Flex Handle and Optional wheels with pull strap is ideal for contractors on the go.

Powerful 800 CFM Rated Motor/Fan

Powerful Motor/Fan rated at 800 CFM with variable speed control enables AirWash MultiPro to cover areas up to 3000 sq. ft. @ 2 ACH

Patented Interlocking Cabinet.

The AirWash MultiPro Interlocking cabinet profile allows to stack up to 3 units and provides stability and security during transportation or when daisy-chaining multiple units.

Daisy-Chain 3 Units with Built-in GFI Protected Receptacle Outlets.

Daisy-Chain up to Three units on a single 9 Amp circuit with Built-in GFI protected receptacle outlets to scale up or diversify the air cleaning power and performance.

User-Friendly Control Panel

Air Flow indicator alerts about reduced airflow, suggesting the filter cleaning or changing may be necessary.

Won't Break the Bank.

At less than half the price of Amaircare 6000V AirWash Cart - the Airwash MultiPro is an affordable alternative contractors air purifier. 

AirWash MultiPro Easy-to-Get

Fast Free shipping of Amaircare AirWash MultiPro anywhere in continental USA (currently not shipped in Canada).
No US Tax, No border crossing fees - ships from the US warehouse.

5-Year Peace of Mind Manufacturer's Warranty.

Amaircare AirWash MultiPro comes with a Peace-of-Mind 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Amaircare AirWash MultiPro - Typical Applications

  • Construction, renovation projects
  • Fire and Flood restoration
  • Asbestos, Mold Remediation
  • Soldering, welding fumes extraction
  • Marijuana Grow Facilities
  • Diesel Fuel Fumes Cleaning
  • Battery Spillage Areas (auto industry)
  • Emergency clean room setup
  • Bio Hazard Materials Cleaning
  • Medical Waste Handling Areas
  • Negative and positive pressure rooms
  • Paint / Adhesive Industry
  • Floor Coating Services
  • Container cleaning services
  • Real estate home showings
  • Fitness centers

Amaircare AirWash MultiPro Overview and Filter Options - Video

Amaircare AirWash MultiPro - Filter Options for Diverse Applications

Important Notice.
Each Amaircare AirWash MultiPro Filter Configuration includes:

  • Media pad pre-filter - 1 ea.
  • Pleated Pre-filter MERV 8 - 1 ea.
  • Foam pre-filter for True HEPA or ULTRA VOC canister - 1 ea.

1. True HEPA + Carbon Blanket Inner Filter (Basic Configuration)
Large Capacity Particulates Removal and Adequate Chemical Adsorption.

  • Perfect Seal™ 14 inch True HEPA filter of Easy-Twist toolless design boasts an impressive 88 sq. ft. of 99.97 % @ 0.3 micron efficiency True HEPA media for Large Capacity particulates entrapment - asbestos dust, smoke, fine construction dust, ground talc, mold spores, plant spores, pet dander, etc.
  • Carbon Blanket Inner Filter is a 1/2-inch thick non-woven polyester based filter imbued 200% with Activated carbon provides adequate adsorption of chemicals, cigarette smoke, household odors and light VOCs.

2. True HEPA + Inner VOC Canister with 5 lb. of 100% Carbon or Formaldezorb
Large Capacity Particulates Removal and Enhanced Chemical Adsorption.

  • Perfect Seal™ HEPA filter of Easy-Twist toolless design traps over 99.97% of all particulates down to 0.3 micron in size.
  • Inner VOC Canister with 5 lb. of 100% Activated Granular Carbon ensures enhanced adsorption of smoke, heavy chemicals and moderate VOCs.
  • Inner VOC Canister with 5 lb. of Formaldezorb proprietary adsorbent delivers enhanced abatement of moderate Formaldehyde, VOCs, ammonia.

3. ULTRA VOC Canister with 25 lb. of 100% Carbon or Formaldezorb - NO HEPA.
Extra Large Adsorption Capacity for VOCs, Formaldehyde,  Heavy Chemicals, Smoke.

True HEPA filter is replaced (substituted) with 14-inch ULTRA VOC Canister containing massive 25 lbs. of adsorbent.

  • ULTRA VOC Canister with 25 lb. of 100% Activated Granular Carbon provides Extra Efficient adsorption of VOCs, smoke, heavy chemicals.
  • ULTRA VOC Canister with 25 lb. of Formaldezorb proprietary adsorbent ensures Extra Efficient abatement of Formaldehyde, heavy VOCs, Ammonia, Specific chemicals.

4. ULTRA VOC Canister plus Inner VOC Canister.
Maximum Adsorption Capacity for VOCs, Formaldehyde, Heavy Chemicals, Heavy Smoke, etc.

In this filter configuration the Inner VOC Canister with 5 lb. of adsorbent goes inside of the ULTRA VOC Canister with 25 lb. of adsorbent amounting the combined total to 30 lbs. of either 100% Activated Granular Carbon or Formaldehyde adsorbent, depending on your choice of VOC canisters.

AirWash MultiPro Filter Lifetime Expectancy

  • True HEPA 14-inch Easy-Twist - 2 to 5 Years
  • Carbon Blanket Inner Filter - 6 months
  • Inner VOC Canister 5 lb. 100% Carbon or Formaldezorb - 12 months.
  • Ultra VOC Canister 25 lb. 100% Carbon or Formaldezorb - 12-18 months.
  • Pleated Pre-filter MERV 8, 13" x 13" - 3-4 months.
  • Media Pad Pre-filter - 2-3 months.

Please Note. The service life is provided for normal operating conditions - may be shorter in commercial settings.

Amaircare AirWash MultiPro Motor Fan

Amaircare AirWash MultiPro air purifier employs Thermally protected insulated motor with centrifugal fan.
The one-piece Motor/Fan assembly is factory balanced to provide a vibration and noise-free operation.
The motor is rated for a long continuous operation at high RPM and is run tested for 50,000 hours of continuous operation.
The level of noise ranges from 66 dB on Low to 86 dB on High at 6 foot distance.
The variable rotary speed control with On/Off position allows to gradually change the delivered air flow from 250 CFM to an impressive 800 CFM on High.
Amaircare AirWash MultiPro has a sufficient power to clean air in large areas up to

  • 3000 sq. ft. at 2 ACH (air changes per hour)
  • 6000 sq. ft. at 1 ACH

Important Notice.
Amaircare AirWash MultiPro air purifier can be equipped with 220-240V 50/60Hz electric motor and power cord at extra cost. (Please contact for details)

Amaircare AirWash MultiPro Shipping Terms and Conditions

Important Notice.
Due to the manufacturer policies, the AirWash MultiPro currently is not sold and not shipped in Canada.
Amaircare AirWash MultiPro air purifier Ships Free by Ground delivery service in the Continental USA from the warehouse located in US.
Faster delivery services are available at Extra cost.
There are no additional charges or extra fees related to the border crossing shipments (if involved) to all US and Canadian customers.
Important Notice!
Carefully inspect the entire content of shipment upon arrival for possible damages in transit or missing items. If the problem is found, it has to be reported to the driver of the courier company.  The detailed description of the damage or problem has to be written in the Delivery Receipt and reported to our company's Customer Service without a delay.
The units that are found Damaged or Defective upon arrival and properly documented and then reported to the carrier and our company will be replaced with new ones Free of Charge as soon as possible (some conditions apply)

Amaircare AirWash MultiPro Filters

Need more air cleaning power and air cleaning capacity for larger areas?

Check out the Amaircare AirWash MultiPro Boss

PurposeMulti Purpose Heavy Duty
Air Purifier TypeCommercial
Width32" (81.28 cm)
Depth19" (48.26 cm)
Height20" (96.5 cm)
Weight36 lbs. (16.34 kg) / 42 lbs. (19.07 kg) w/ HEPA / 61 lb. (27.7 kg) w/ ULTRA VOC
Remote ControlNO
Filter Change MonitorNO
Particle SensorNO
CompositionRotomold Plastic, Meets CSA 22.2 No 0.6 flammability requirements
Speed ControlVariable
Number of Speed SettingsMutiple
Air Flow Rating, CFM1000
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), CFM250 - Low / 800 - High
Maximum Cleaning Area w/ 8 ft. ceiling6000 @ 1ACH
Recommended Cleaning Area w/ 8 ft. ceiling3000 @ 2 ACH
Level of Noise, dB66 - Low / 86 (High) @ 6 feet
HEPA Filter TypeEasy-Twist HEPA
HEPA Fiilter GradeTrue HEPA 99.97% @ 0.3 µ
Amount of HEPA Filter Media, sq. ft.88
HEPA Filter Lifetime2-5 Years
Type of AdsorbentCarbon Blanket / 100% Carbon / Formaldezorb
Amount of Adsorbent5 lb. / 25 lb. in VOC Canisters
Carbon Filter Lifetime1 Year +
Pre-FilterMedia Pad / Pleated MERV 8 / Foam
Air Intake12" Diam. Collar
Air Outlet12" Diam. Collar w/ Protective Metal Grill
Wheel CastersOptional
Energy Star RatedNO
Power Supply120V/60Hz (220V-240V/50Hz Optional)
Power Consumption, Watts320 Max
Power Cord12 ft. IEC Cord, Type K Plug (3 pin grounded)
Wall Mounted OptionNO
Manufacturer's Warranty, Years5 - Motor/Fan / 1 - Other
CertificationCAN/CSA C22.2 No. 113-15 (10th Ed), UL 507 (9th Ed.)

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