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AllerAir Safe Solder Air Purifiers.

AllerAir Safe Solder air purifiers
AllerAir Safe Solder Air Purifiers.
2" Deep HEPA filter for particle filtration. Custom specialty adsorbent, 30 lbs. for effective chemicals adsorption. 2" Thick pre filter.

AllerAir Safe Solder


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AllerAir Safe Solder Air Purifiers

AllerAir Fume Extractor Air Purifiers - specialty AllerAir Air Purifiers designed to remove toxic welding fumes directly at the source. AllerAir Fume Extractor Air Purifier's ability to remove toxic fumes directly at a source makes it a vital tool in keeping the workplace safe and healthy.


Black paint on polished galvanized steel housing, Spark arrestor, Choice of aluminum fume arms.

Recommended for:

  • Extraction of toxic fumes from welding at a source.
  • Effective particle filtration.
  • Strong Chemical adsorption.
  • Printable Product Info

    AllerAir Fume Extractor.pdf

    Effective Against

    - Fine ash particles
    - Particles from combustion
    - Lung damaging dust
    - Toxic fumes
    - VOCs, Specific chemicals(1)

    (1) Custom carbon blend

    AllerAir Safe Solder Air Purifiers

  • Come Fully Assembled.
  • With All Filters installed.
  • Ready to use.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty

  • 5 Year Parts and Labor
  • Additional 5 Years Parts Only

  • AllerAir Fume Extractor Air Purifiers. Technical Specification

    Parameter Description
    Air Filtration System 4-Stage. Separate HEPA and Carbon filters
    Pre Filter Polyester Based
    HEPA Filter 2” Deep HEPA, 99.97 % @ 0.3 µ
    Carbon Filter 30 lbs. of Custom Carbon Blend.
    Anti Microbial Filter 2 Intermediate Filters
    Ultra Violet (UV) Bulb No
    Photocatalytic Oxidizer No
    Ionizer No
    Filter Change Monitor No
    Motor / Fan Assembly AC (PSC) Motorized Backward Impeller
    Fan Rating, CFM 400
    Number of Speed Settings 3- Speed Control
    Air Flow by Speed, CFM 50 (Low), 200 (Medium), 400 (High)
    Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), CFM 270 (1)
    Maximum Cleaning Area, sq. ft. Source Capture
    Recommended Cleaning Area, sq. ft. N/A
    Level of Noise, dB (on Low) 40
    Power Consumption, Watts. 50 (Low) - 120 (High)
    Dimensions, inch. 18" (L) x 12.5" (H) x 12" (D)
    Weight, lbs. 130-170 (depending on arm configuration)
    Manufacturer's Warranty, Years(2) 10 Years
    Power requirements. 120 VAC, 60 Hz
    Certification. UL / CSA

    (1) According to Manufacturer's Data. Not AHAM Certified.
    (2) 5 Years Parts and Labor, 10 Years Parts Only.

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